Monday, January 16, 2012

Top ten old school games - twenty years ago edition

First off let me say this is a top ten for Amiga old school games.
Maybe I'll do one for other gaming systems later on but for now I'll stick to what I know best.

10. Sabre Team

A turn-based action game where you manage a four men elite commando specialized in hostage rescue missions. From the get go you can tell it is a very difficult game. You have to select weapons and gear for each of the team member before sending them out with literally dozens of available options. If you like tactical action this might be a game for you.

Sabre team title screen

9. Chuck Rock

As our primitive hero, Chuck, is watching footrock on TV, his charming wife Ophelia is clubbed and kidnapped by Chuck's rival, the sneaky Gary Gritter. A pretty funny prehistoric (very old school!) platformer. Be careful though, it looks easier than it really is.

8. KGB

A good old point and click putting you in the shoes of a KGB agent out on an undercover mission. The only downside in my opinion is the frequency and length of the loading times. Sure one should expect somewhat frequent loadings when playing an amiga game but here it gets a bit out of control.

7. Gobliiins

First of the three titles series, Gobliiins is a silly point and click. You control three goblins, each having different talents you'll need to use to solve the many absurd puzzles on your way. Contains goblins.

I lined them up neatly so you can take a good look at them

6. Shadow of the Beast III

No debate about this one, the SoTB series has long acquired the status of a legendary game. To this day, multi scrolling still is very impressive, and you can tell right away how much work and effort was put into the overall aesthetics. Not in the top 5 because I feel SoTB III, although much more playable than I and II, is way too punishing. If you happen to break or kill something you're not supposed to, the only way out is suicide. This trial and error process can get frustrating, especially for new players.

5. Apidya

A very cool shoot'em up where you control a bee instead of the usual spaceship/plane. You drop bombs on snails and beetles while blasting away at hornets, mosquitoes and tons of other bugs. Brilliant!

Level one

4. D/Generation

This game is a mix of survival and puzzle. The main character, a delivery boy, has to bring a mysterious package to a professor doing shady genetic research for Genoq labs. The gameplay is smooth and puzzles get quite challenging rather fast. I just wonder if the whole survival aspect of the game and the bioweapons you face inspired the Resident Evil series. Might be worth a bit of investigation there. Must try if you like the genre!

3. Caesar

If you ever dreamed of building and managing a Roman city this game is for you. A Sim City like, featuring finer micromanagement and military threats to keep you on your toes. I find it still surprisingly fluid and overall entertaining as ever. Like all the great classics fluctuat nec mergitur.

My ugly little city.

2. Monkey Island 2. LeChuck's Revenge

If you're looking for the best old school games ever The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequel should rank pretty high wherever you look them up. LeChuck's Revenge still features those witty, absurd and sometimes hilarious dialogues that made Monkey Island so popular. I have to admit it is a bit short and the ending is somewhat disappointing, but all in all it still is a great point and click.

Where the adventure starts

1. Dune

The best game that came out on Amiga in 1992. Let's make a long story short: this game is a masterpiece. Perfectly blend strategy and adventure with a touch of mysterious atmosphere and you get Dune.

In the desert in front of a sietch

Want more details on Dune? Check out my full review of Dune.

Bonus Track: Sabre Team Main Title


  1. Sabre Team looks really interesting

    1. It is if you're into weapons and tactics. I always mix the rifles names and I never really know what to pick for my guys, so it's rather random when I happen to play this game. :)

  2. Great top ten, I've only played Monkey Island.

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